Q. What are the different types of metals you use to manufacture your jewelry?

A. Most of our jewelry is made from 14kt yellow gold or 14kt white gold. Some jewelry is made from 18kt gold, or combination for two tone 18kt/platinum. We also have Eco-Brass, Silver and jewelry made of Noble metal. The Noble metal is a special alloy of gold, silver and copper.


Q. What is the difference between different karats and colors of gold?

A. Pure gold is 999.99 % and is very soft metal. Pure gold is mixed with specific metal alloys to be used in making jewelry. Gold karat that is 14kt is 58.5 % pure gold and 41.5 % alloys, but 18kt gold contains 75 % pure gold and 25 % alloys. The difference between yellow gold and white gold is that the letter is combined with different alloys such that it attains the white color and yellow gold is pure gold combined with specific alloys that result in yellow color. Platinum is a precious metal that is naturally white in color and is 95 % pure and very durable.


Q. What is the Noble metal?

A. The Noble metal is a very special combination of gold, silver and copper.


Q. Do you use treated gemstones?

A. Most natural gemstones in the jewelry industry have been heated to stabilize the color. All of our gemstones are natural and carry the energy intrinsic to them for being in the earth for thousands of years. Fine, untreated gemstones are rare and often accompanied by a certificate, indicating their valuable status accompanied by a certificate.


Q. How much time is needed to complete a jewelry piece or a special order?

A. It is required 2 to 3 weeks to complete your special order and if jewelry that is in stock will be sent out second working day of the placement of the order.


Q. What finger size should I order?

A. Ideally, the ring should be made in your designated finger size. Your finger size must be selected before placing the order and if you are skeptical about the finger size, we can send you a ring sizing tool for $4.95. Ring size must be accurate to insure the fit and satisfaction. Ring sizing can be ordered online for your convenience. The standard ring size for Ladies is 6 ½ and size 10 for men.

At Noblecolor.com we carry necklaces between 16 to 18 inches and bracelets 7 inch long for ladies and 8 inch long for men.


Q. Do we ship outside of North America?

A. Yes, we ship jewelry to some countries. However, the customer is responsible for all fees, duty and documentation needed to receive the merchandise.


Q. How do I know that my personal information is secure?

A. Customer’s privacy is our first priority. We do not sell customer’s information in any way or form and we take every precaution available to protect our customer’s privacy.


Q. What should I do if Have problems ordering online?

A. Please give us a call at: (800) 624-5954 or send us an email at: NobleColorSales@gmail.com 

Q. Can I speak to a real person if I have questions or problems?

A. Our customer service department will be available during our normal business hours. Our live professional customer sales representative can be reached at: (800) 624-5954

You may also write to us at: NobleColorSales@gmail.com