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Crystal Repair

Crystal Repair

  • September 27, 2019
  • Posted By : Edward
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Crystal wand need repairing?

Many of you ask about our crystal repair service since the occasional chip on our crystal is inevitable 

Here are instructions for when you need to send your crystal baby to us for mending.


  • Hand deliver or mail us your crystal (wrapped in protective material) to:

           Edward Andonian
           510 w. 6th St. Ste #309
           Los Angeles, CA 90014
           (213) 623-5954

  • USPS Priority Mail Insured is a good and safe way to send it to us
  • Include in your package all of the information specified below CLEARLY LEGIBLE (If sent to us by mail, we will contact you upon receipt of its safe delivery, so please write legibly so we can contact you):
    • Name
    • Return Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Specify how much we should insure the crystal when sending it back

Cost for crystal wand repairs range between $100-$115 (depending on the size of the crystal) + insured shipping (determined at the Post Office, usually $16 plus or so).

Cost for Disintegrator repairs start at approximately $35-40 + insured shipping.

Turn around ranges from 5 days to 2 weeks, depending on our workload.

Do not include cases or boxes since it increases the cost of shipping. 

**Please note the difference between a chip that can be repaired, and a full break that cannot. Chips (shown in Fig A) are small fragments on either end of your crystal wand. To fix the crown or pointed end, we re-do ALL the facets on the crystal tip so that the point is centered and symmetry of the wand is maintained. To fix the curved end, or if you have a double terminated crystal, we can reshape and polish it to achieve a half sphere curve. These methods causes the crystal to lose minimal length, usually less than a couple mm/less than a few grams - hardly noticeable.

A break (shown below) are full pieces of the crystal broken apart. We do not glue pieces together as it greatly reduces the integrity of the energy flow through the crystal.

Please send us a picture of your crystal if you are not sure if it is chipped or broken. 

You may contact us at the phone number above or at noblecolorsales@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding your repair – we love pictures of your crystals to better assist you!






Follow these instructions when your crystals or jewelry need repairing.

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