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To clean the jewelry physically:

  1. Use the solution you received upon purchasing your jewelry - instructions are on the bottle.
  2. Or, use a solution of lukewarm (not hot) water and a little original Palmolive or a gentle jewelry cleaning solution, preferably without ammonia.

Use a soft brush (the small brush you received with your jewelry purchase is considered soft -- do not use a toothbrush as the bristles are still too hard). Soak it in lukewarm soapy water and rinse the ring in lukewarm water to remove any soapy film. Make sure to close the sink before cleaning your jewelry to prevent it from slipping down the drain.

(There are many exceptions to this as some stones will crack, flake, dissolve, or lose its color if you put in water, such as emeralds, pearls, opals, lapis lazuli, etc.) Please contact me if you have questions on how to properly clean your jewelry.


To clean the jewelry energetically (you can pick one or more)*:

  1. Chant OM over it until it scans clean.
  2. Burn the incense AIAS sells and put your jewelry next to the smoke. You can also use sage or sandalwood incense.
  3. Use the GMCKS OM CD. Let it play and leave your jewelry next to the speaker.
  4. Soak it in salt water and rinse it in lukewarm water afterwards. Do not rub the salt on the stone. (See above for cleaning care of certain stones in water) **FOR SILVER: when removing them from the salt solution quickly dry them as best you can. Any residual moisture left on the silver will tarnish it. For best results, do not put silver chains in the salt solution -- use the other methods. All other silver items (rings and pendants) are ok, but dry them quickly!

Take your rings/pendants off at night to allow the body to rest fully/properly, and store your ring in the leatherette pouch or in something made of silk.

*All energetic information has been taught to me by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui through Master Co.