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Your finger size must be selected when the ring is ordered. If you don't know what your ring size is, we can send you a ring-sizer for free if you cover the shipping price of $4. Ring sizes must be accurate to ensure total satisfaction.

There are also great resources online and YouTube that demonstrate how to size your finger with basic tools you have in your own home. Our customers also have the option of having the rings shipped in a standard size 6 ½ for women and size 10 for men. 

If you have a ring that needs resizing, please contact us with the size of your existing ring, and the size you now require. Keep in mind that there are times when we cannot resize it if the change is more than 2 sizes up or down (in some cases more, in some cases less). For example, if your ring is a size 7, we can size it up to a 5 or a 9, DEPENDING on the band shape, adornment of stones, and any engraving inside the band. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of the structure to uphold long lasting wear. If we feel that the requested resizing or modifications will compromise the integrity of the ring then we will always give you our honest and experienced opinion.