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Yes! This is the #1 most asked question. We work with completely natural stones. With the exception of moissanites, which are lab created, we work with natural gemstones.

Natural stones come in different sizes and shades of color. Like our fingerprints, no two stones are alike! We will do our best to match the stone to the picture you reference.
There are also cases when we can’t cut a particular stone the way you want because it will distort the color – Mother Nature can be picky (!) and we will always do our best to bring out the beauty She has to offer.

We can resize any ring a couple of sizes up, and a couple of sizes down while still maintaining a healthy, strong, and beautiful setting. Beyond that, it will compromise the structure of the stone setting. Think of it this way, if you stretched a picture to enlarge it or shrunk it down, at some point does the picture get warped? The same applies to rings. Best to make a new ring at no extra charge :)

Yes! By email, phone, or in person, we are available to help you! You must make an appointment before stopping by (sometimes we're out saving the jewelry world).

t’s an office space in Downtown Los Angeles in the Jewelry District and have all our inventory for you to see. You must make an appointment before stopping by – sometimes we’re running errands creating jewelry magic!

Absolutely! Send us pictures, or clippings from a variety of pictures and tell us exactly what you would like. There is no extra cost for this consultation, however we do not have an idea of the price until we consult our team builders for costs of labor, design intricacy, number and quality of stones, etc. Give us a couple of days to get back to you before we move forward in executing your dream piece.

Yes! In most cases, you can choose the stone and metal for any of the settings in our collections. There may be some restrictions, so please contact us at noblecolorsales@gmail.com and let us know what you would like and we can determine if it’s possible (but most likely yes!).
The pictures we have are of rings that have been curated by us or specifically requested by a customer. So if you don’t see a picture of the specific variety of style, stone, and metal, then it might just mean that it hasn’t been requested or created yet, and not that it’s impossible to make. Please reach out – we want you to be fully satisfied with the ring exactly the way you want it!

Great question! See our Cleaning and Care page for details.

We will have to see, but most likely yes. We're pretty handy at repairs and modifications, some may even call us geniuses. Please send us pictures to noblecolorsales@gmail.com.

Send us a picture and we can most certainly try! It really depends on the severity of the chip. We may be geniuses, but we're not magicians.... yet.

We can make any size! Sizes Thumbelina to Giant are all possible, and even all the fraction sizes in between. To check your finger size, please see here.

Most assured way to do it is with us in person. We can also send you a ring sizer when you pay for shipping and handling ($7). You can also try this online ring size finder.