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Many find the perfect piece from our predesigned collections. But often there's that dream ring that you think only exists in your imagination. We're here to make that dream come true. Here are steps to take toward custom designing your very own bespoke ring. 

1. Draw or take clippings of examples that you like. Even if its several ad pictures of different parts of a ring (one for the band, one for the stone shape, one for a specific design, etc). Options to consider:

  • Type of metal(s)
  • Type of gemstone(s) and shape
  • Any side stones
  • Shank (band) shape or any special designs
  • Any special requests (bottom cover under gemstone, etc)
  • Finger size (check your finger size here)

2. Set up a consultation. You can call us at (213) 623-5954 or email us at noblecolorsales@gmail.com to set up a consultation via phone or in person (Covid restrictions apply - see below). Consulting can also be done purely over email. 

3. You can send us the photos ahead of time, or you can show us during the consultation. This is the time to verbalize any other ideas or concerns. We will then establish what can be done and what needs finessing to make your dream a reality. Also have your finger size handy as we'll use that to gauge how decorated your ring can be on your size band.

4. Once we're done consulting, we'll send your rough image to one of our specialists to create a CAD CAM. This is a computer generated image that shows exactly what your ring will look like. This process takes a few days. When that is finished we will send the image to you for approval along with a picture of a small selection of gemstones for you to choose from as your main stone. We can also scan to recommend the right stone for you. 

5. After your approval we will process the CAD CAM image to be handmade. Rough price estimates are not provided until after the CAD CAM. 

The entire process from start to finish can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks, depending on our workload. 

If you have simple inquiries, please reach out to us. All consultations are free :)