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The essence of our site is one of spirituality and energetic expansion for customer when properly using one of our items. With that said, to further enhance the success of your life, health, business and home, healing sessions are available via a modality called Pranic Healing. 


About Pranic Healing 

Pranic Healing is an ancient and advanced healing system that specializes in balancing and harmonizing the body's energy centers, resulting in the client feeling freer and more expansive. In a single session symptoms of stress, anxiety, and heaviness may be relieved. In multiple sessions, more severe and long standing cases of physical, emotional/mental, psychological, and spiritual dis-eases may dissipate. 



A single session is $150 and lasts an average of 1hr, give or take. 

A package of 5 is $625 ($125 each session).

A package of 10 is $1,000 ($100 each session).


Areas that can benefit from a healing session:

  • Yourself/Your loved ones: Provide most current picture and full name, current city/state, and Dob if available, if the healing is for someone else.

  • Your home: Provide full address and pictures of areas to clear - $95 to start, depending on sq.ft of the home and amount of psychic activity/congestion.

  • Your crystals: Provide a picture - $35/crystal


All healings are facilitated by the Spiritual Hierarchy through Edward Andonian.  


If you would like to book a package or session, or inquire if this form of energy healing is for you, please email edward2950@gmail.com or text at (213) 327-8042.