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Fancy color enhanced natural diamonds are created by exposing the stones to low energy electrons via a cyclotron. Different chemicals and temperatures are used to create specific colors. The process is used to create color-enhanced diamonds follows U.S. Safety standards and does not produce any residual radiation. Yet, the effect on the diamond is amazing; the stunning sparkle of the diamond is enhanced by the addition of subtle colors. Fancy color-enhanced natural diamonds come in a virtual rainbow of intriguing shades. Luminous blues, vibrant greens, dazzling yellows, vivid pinks, pulsating purples delight the eye, and an unexpected, exciting black diamond is sure to cause a stir. 


Caring for color-enhanced natural diamonds is the same with regular diamonds. Ultrasonic cleaning or acid washing will not affect the color of the diamond. However, extremely high temperatures can harm the stone, so fancy color enhanced natural diamonds should never be exposed to direct flame.